What Is A Fastener

In mechanics, the need to join pieces like plates, sections, and bars is very common. Any assembly, however simple it may be, requires the union of parts together, but the mechanical parts to be joined require the proper elements of marriage that are named fasteners.

A screw is a piece consisting of a cylindrical body and a screw head, which can take many forms.

The nut is shaped like a prism or cylinder and presents a threaded hole. Through this hole, the nut is screwed to the screw.

The rivet is formed by a cylindrical body and a head. It is manufactured in steel, aluminum, copper or brass. It is used for permanent fixed-tion of two or more pieces.

Pins join articulated parts. In this type of union, one of the pieces can move by rotation.

The peg connect parts that are not interconnected.

The washer is a metal disk with a hole in the center and the body of the screw goes through the hole.

The snap ring is used to prevent displacement of axes. It also serves to position or limit the movement of a piece that slides over a shaft.